Why working out with friends works! - My Personal Trainer - San Diego


Aren’t we all living busy lives? We are over scheduled most days of the week and can barely fit in any social time or exercise. But what if you could combine those two, very important aspects of a woman’s life? You need to work out and so does your best friend. Why not work out together?

Exercising with your friend(s) has three major benefits!

  1. Finding a workout buddy helps keep you accountable. If you don’t show up for the workout, you’re going to hear about it from your friend who showed up and had to do all those squats alone.
  2. It can be cost effective. If you are working with a personal trainer, adding a friend to the workout makes the session more affordable for each of you. Save those dollars for a coffee date later in the week.
  3. It’s just more fun! It’s tough to find the time to socialize, so catch up with your friend during a great workout. You’re also more likely to find time to continue the conversation after your workout.

Feeling a little lonely or unmotivated to work out? Call a friend and start working out today!