I have had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people who were kind enough to share their opinions on my work. Please see some of their testimonials below.


“Liz is an energetic, dedicated, and inspired athlete, and she is passionate about personal training and helping people achieve whatever goals they’ve set for themselves.
Liz has a tremendous depth of personal training experiences to draw from, and the right amount of support and enthusiasm for others.
I highly recommend Liz,especially if you’re looking to start or restart an exercise or training regimen, or if you’re looking for a more personalized approach.“


“I first began training with Liz in 2014. I have several injuries which Liz took into consideration as she built a customized program for me with little or no impact to the overall intensity of the training to ensure maximum results. She did a great job aligning my goals with my workouts, motivating me as well as mixing up the routine to keep it fun and fresh.
Whether trying to increase your strength, slim down, add muscle mass or just simply want to improve your health Liz Baum has the background and experience to build a program to fit your personal needs. I give her my highest recommendation, and would happily continue to train with her myself, however, I’ve relocated to Orange County. Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email as I would be happy to speak to your directly of my experience with Liz.“



I first met Liz at the Lake on one of my first open water swims along with two of her triathlete friends. They set off to get their workout and I ventured solo to test myself against the murky waters of Canyon Lake here in Arizona. At this point, I had only previously been indoor lap pool swimming and didn’t realize the big differences between the two. Boy was I in for a surprise! After a horrible experience and near drowning experience (I swam too fast to the middle of the lake and panicked) I safely made it back to shore and realized I needed some guidance and possibly a swim buddy. I was disappointed as I set out to swim 1000 yards but only managed to squeeze out less than 300! Swimming alone is not recommended ever, even if you’re not a beginner but especially if you are! Luckily for me Liz invited me for some assisted swimming the following weekend.
The weekend came and I was eager to test my new wetsuit and conquer my Open Water fears. Liz brought along another experienced swimmer and the three of us set off to have a good swim and what a good swim it was!
Liz has an amazing kind, gentle, nurturing yet funny and energetic personality that instantly sets you at ease. Although her swimming is far superior to mine she never pushed harder or farther than I was comfortable with. She was constantly within arm’s length in case I needed her assistance and checked in on my periodically to make sure my breathing and fatigue status were ok. I can’t say enough kind words about Liz as she is an amazing athlete, trainer, swimmer and also my new friend! She is definitely someone who is there for you if you are a beginning swimmer whether it be in the pool or in open water. She is a great listener and makes sure she understands your position before she carefully suggests a course of action and training plan.
Liz is now in San Diego but that didn’t stop her from assisting me in my first ocean open water swim. I let her know I’d be in town over Memorial Day Weekend and she offered to meet me at Ventura Cove so I could try some salt water swimming. I jumped at the chance and met her that Saturday. True to her relaxed and motivating nature, Liz made sure to identify and areas of concern before we got started and made sure it was an enjoyable experience. Thanks to Liz I was able to complete my first salt water 1000 yards on my first time out!
Thanks Liz for all the help! I’ll see you for another swim next time I’m in California!